C/C crucible

Carbon/carbon composites are carbon fiber reinforced carbon matrix composites (C/C). First, carbon fiber is braided or needled into a prefabricated body (carbon cloth, carbon fiber mesh, quasi-three-dimensional needle-punched felt, three- dimensional finely knitted overall fabric, three-dimensional punctured fabric,multi-directional woven fabric, etc.), and then impregnated with resin (or asphalt)- carbonized or The chemical vapor deposition/infiltration (CVD/CVI) process fills the pores in the porous preform to obtain the material with the required structure and properties.

Functions of C/C crucible 


Monocrystalline silicon furnace thermal field systems for the solar and semiconductor industries.


Applications of C/C crucible  - C/C crucible  for Diverse Industrial Purposes


  1. Highpurity,lowvolatilization,ash<150ppm;
  2. Hightemperatureresistance,strengthcanbemaintainedat2500°C;
  3. Excellentpropertiessuchascorrosionresistance,wearresistance,acidandalkaliresistance;
  4. Lowthermalexpansioncoefficientandstrongthermalshockresistance;
  5. Goodhightemperaturemechanicalproperties,longservicelife;
  6. Adopttheoveralldesignconcept,highstrength,simplestructure,light weight,easytooperate. 


Parameter of C/C crucible 


Item Unit Values
Density B/cm3 ≥1.5
Tensile strength MPa ≥80
Compressive strength MPa ≥160
Bending strength MPa ≥150
Thermal conductivity (1600℃) W/(m.K) 10-12
Thermal expansion coefficient (horizontal) x10-6/K 1-2
Thermal expansion coefficient (vertical) x10-6/K 6-8.5
Ashcontent ppm <150
Resistivity(R.T-1250℃) μ Q·m 25-50
Thermal treatment temp ≥2000