Technical Team Advantages

Jointly build graphite consumables for negative electrode materials in lithium battery industry with famous professors from Central South University and top technical experts in the industry. One of the 12 companies in the country that have the ability to develop graphite composite bipolar plates.


Advantages of raw material agency

As the first-level agent of Wuxing New Materials Co., Ltd., we provide customers with five-star graphite raw materials with guaranteed quality and quantity.


Advantages of Hardware Facilities

There is a processing workshop, the whole process is produced in the factory, and a group of experienced CNC programming engineers are available to solve the difficulties of processing technology in an all-round way, improve production efficiency and reduce human errors.


Quality Advantage

There is a raw material inspection report issued by an authoritative organization. Processed products must be inspected by quality inspectors before they can be shipped to ensure a 100% pass rate.

Foshan Nanhai Baocarbon Graphite Products Co., Ltd.
Foshan Nanhai Baocarbon Graphite Products Co., Ltd. has always adhered to strict quality management for survival, continuous technological progress for development, and vigorously developing new products. has advanced production equipment and CNC processing center, selects high-quality high-purity graphite, isostatic graphite and imported graphite, EDM special graphite materials, the product series are divided into: graphite materials; temperature treatment Graphite products; graphite products for diamond tool sintering molds; graphite products for photovoltaic industry; graphite products for non-ferrous metal smelting and processing; graphite products for automobile and mechanical industries; (cc) Composite materials; graphite carbon felt.


Introduction to some knowledge points about graphite rods
March 09,2023

Graphite rods are usually used as electric heaters in high-temperature vacuum furnaces, and the operating temperature can reach 3000°, and they are easily oxidized at high temperatures. They should only be used in neutral or reducing atmospheres, except in vacuum. Graphite rods have small coefficient of thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity, better processing performance than SiC and MoSi2, good performance in high temperature resistance, extreme cold and extreme heat, and low price.

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Reducing the cost of graphite bipolar plates is very important
March 09,2023

The cost of fuel cells has dropped significantly in recent years, but costs remain high and volumes remain low. Therefore, cost reduction is still the key to industrialization.

According to industry insiders, in the process of bipolar plates, membranes, catalysts and gas diffusion, the system cost of the fuel cell is about half, while the bipolar plate accounts for 80% of the weight of the entire fuel cell, and the cost is 24%. Therefore, it is very important to reduce the cost of bipolar plates.

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Which companies are graphite products mainly used in?
March 09,2023

Graphite products made according to the characteristics of graphite materials are widely used.

Carbon-graphite products for electronic semiconductor industry

Semiconductor graphite mold, fuel cell deflector, graphite substrate, graphite pad for silicon rod cutting, graphite lining for electron beam evaporation, graphite boat for glass metal packaging, graphite for electronic sintering mold, graphite parts for ion implantation, single crystal furnace With graphite thermal field etc.

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