C/C Brake Flange

C/C composites are carbon fiber reinforced carbon matrix composites (C/C). Carbon fibers are first woven or needled into preforms (carbon cloth, short fiber mesh, quasi - three - dimensional needled felt, three - dimensional fine - woven integral fabric, three - dimensional puncture fabric, multi - direction woven fabric, etc.), and then impregnated resin (orbitumen) -carbonization or chemical vapor deposition/ penetration (CVD/CVI) processes fill the pores in the porous preforms to obtain the material with the desired structure and properties.

Functions of Carbon/carbon aircraft (heavy trucks, or F1 racing cars)


Brake discs are mainly used in various types of aircraft, with high strength, light weight, durability and wear resistance.


Parameter of Carbon/carbon aircraft


Name C/Caircraft brake disc
Density 1.76-1.82g/cm³
Tensile strength 30-50MPa
Static friction coefficient 0.12-0.15
line wear rate 0.7
Gravifation >30
Specific heat capacity 0.7-0.9kj.(kg.k)-1
Thermal conductivity 15-30(水平)W/(m.k) 3-10(垂直)w/(m.k)
Bending strength 800-100MPa
Shear strength 8-12MPa
Dynamicfridion coefficient 0.3-0.4
Extension rate 0.2-0.3
Thermal stability 1000
Linear therma lexpansion coeficient (0.5-2)×10-6(水平)1/k